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TYPE OF MERCHANDISE:                                            
Womenís Clothing Accessories & footwear
Designer Vintage
Perfect Condition   (no tears, holes, etc.)
All Sizes including Petites & Plus
10 item Minimum to start account

We are happy to do business for you!
Prices will be set by you and our experienced staff.
All merchandise must be cleaned, pressed, and in new condition.
Note: 25% reduction will be made at 30 day intervals.
Consignor will receive 50% of the selling price (minus incidentals)
Merchandise accepted for sale may be reclaimed by consignor during the first 90 days ONLY WITH 72 HOURS NOTICE.
After 90 days, merchandise that has not be renewed or pickup will become the property of Beyond Measures Consignment.
Appointments only 
Wednesday to Friday, (1 consignor appt. taken each hour of operation)
Consignor account information may be checked between 3pm and 4pm during business operation.

All items are left at consignor risk. Beyond Measure will do itís best to prevent any loss or damage, but we cannot be held responsible.

For Her NYC Blouse For Her NYC Blouse
Shelby & Palmer Dress with
Emma Michelle Dress Egg Plant
$0 - $24.99
$25 - $49.99
Over $50